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Angela Martindale

Salt Lake City, UT
Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

17 Posts

Angela Martindale is the Creator of the Ultimate Transformation Lifestyle Series, President, Founder and Creator of “Meals that Transform” and Creator of “CHIYOGAFLOW”. Martindale graduated from the School of Integrative Nutrition in New York City and has traveled the world as an international fitness expert in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, and Biomechanics. A resident of Utah, Martindale was voted #1 Trainer and Best Wellness Coach of Salt Lake City and serves over 3,400 meals a week to clients in the SLC area.

Angela Martindale's Latest Posts



The Power of Vision

How to Create a Personal Vision Statement to Achieve... READ

0 Comment / April 26, 2017


Jumpstart Your Career

5 Actions to Take to Be Your Best Self and Enhance... READ

0 Comment / March 30, 2017


It Takes a Village

4 Ways to Seek the Support of Others as You Pursue... READ

0 Comment / February 27, 2017


Health & Wellness

Heart-Healthy Gratitude

5 Ways Being Grateful Can Improve Your Well-Being... READ

0 Comment / November 28, 2016

Health & Wellness

The 411 on Inflammation

The Causes, Effects, and Management of Chronic... READ

0 Comment / November 15, 2016

Health & Wellness

Recovering After Trauma

7 Ways You Can Move Forward and Reclaim Your Life... READ

0 Comment / October 27, 2016


Health & Wellness

3 Quick Health Boosts

How Sleep, Minerals and Protein Can Give You a Healthy... READ

0 Comment / July 18, 2016

Health & Wellness

Avoid Vacation Binge

4 Tips to Stay Healthy During Your Hard-Earned... READ

0 Comment / May 23, 2016

Health & Wellness

Stress-Fighting Superfoods

3 Everyday Meal Items that Zap Anxiety and Promote... READ

0 Comment / April 7, 2016


Health & Wellness

Jumpstart with Superfoods

5 Immune-Boosting, Power-Packed Snacks to Keep... READ

0 Comment / March 3, 2016

Health & Wellness

Celebrate Heart-Healthy Love

How to Use February to Treat Your Heart Well with... READ

0 Comment / February 8, 2016


First Business Trip?

5 Tips To Stay Focused, Energized & In Control... READ

0 Comment / January 28, 2016

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