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In making my invention, I answered the question of how might I come up with innovative solution to solve the lost cap/broken flip top products for toothpaste, lotion, medical creams, baby creams, etc. that I use on a daily basis. I always found it difficult to handle conventional caps while concurrently handling other things. In addition, with lost screw-caps or flip-top lids, the substance seems to end up on the counter, which is both wasteful and messy. Considering certain product lines alone as standalone industries, the potential applicability of this product protected under patent is extremely large. Within the consumer products arena, there are various semi-liquid products that are dispensed through tubes. Examples of semi-liquids dispensed include toothpaste, makeup, ointments, creams or lotions, and pharmaceuticals. With 20% of Americas having dexterity issues and 115 Million who are over 55 and that might have dexterity issues in the near future. The Sliding Edge is a one hand closure that provides time and cost savings.

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