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SharpHeels is a digital content and event production company, delivering career and lifestyle products that engage, educate and empower. Our content is driven by a community of intelligent, dynamic professionals, offering guidance, education and inspiration for our amazing audience. We offer an opportunity for our community to connect and learn from peers, mentors, leaders and experts across multiple industries and locations.

Our Content

The idea behind our content creation process is simple: Every piece of content on sharpheels.com or at one of our events should be a means for engaging, educating and empowering our audience. Whether it’s leadership advice from a business executive, career lessons from an experienced coach, fashion tips from a stylist, or an interview with a successful entrepreneur, each piece of content that we deliver should Engage, Educate, & Empower our community, wherever they are in their career (and in life).

Why SharpHeels?

What SharpHeels means to us, and why it was chosen as our business name: 1. Our founder is 5'2" and dons a pair of power pumps when she needs an extra boost of confidence (and height). 2. SharpHeels is a wordplay for an intelligent woman or women (sharp=intelligent, heels=woman/women). 3. SharpHeels is a positive spin on a negative term (sharp elbows) often given to an assertive woman, e.g our founder. 4. The domain was available and there were no trademark conflicts 😉

No Heels Required

Everyone is welcome to enjoy our content and attend our events, regardless of their footwear preferences. Heels are not required.

Our Team

Ashley Poulin - Founder & President

Corporate marketing leader turned entrepreneur. I left my corporate career to launch SharpHeels with the ideal of building a unique brand and new culture supporting the modern professional. Every day is a roller coaster with new challenges to overcome and accomplishments to achieve. I remind myself each morning to: be passionate, take measured risks, and enjoy what you do ... and then I guzzle an extra large coffee and devour a breakfast taco (or two). Thank you for being part of the SharpHeels community!

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