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Christina Stathopoulos

Portland, ME
Life & Leadership Coach

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As the Head Coach and Founder of Hear Her Roar, I help women create their dream lives. I'm passionate about my clients and go above and beyond to help them accomplish their goals. I offer a judgment-free space for my clients to build their goals and learn how to play towards them. I specialize in working with high performing women who are keen on having it all, perfecting the work/life balance, and creating bold lives.

Education/Certifications: Graduate of Accomplishment Coaching's Coach & Leadership Training Program. BA in English and Chemistry, Mount Holyoke College.

Types Of Clients: High-performing women: women looking to become powerful leaders in their work place, women entrepreneurs, and mothers looking to return to the work force.

Favorite Part About My Job: I love being able to share this work with women who are committed to creating once-and-for-all shifts in their lives.

Steadfast Do's and Don'ts: Do's: Do own your voice; be bold and true to yourself. Do ask for support; the most powerful leaders know to have their needs met. Do put your needs first; think of an air mask dropping in an airplane, you can't help others before you have helped yourself. Don'ts: Don't ask why. Don't lose sight of your bigger "what for;" Don't play to not lose.

Most important qualities of a good leader: Power, Integrity, Grace, Trust, Partnership, Zeal, Brilliance, Vision

My Advice for women starting their careers: Let re-invention be a question of "what is next" rather than "what is wrong."

Advice I wish I'd had (or had followed): Don't be ashamed to let someone know you need help

Quote I live By: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Sally Berger

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    Professional Development,

    Personal Development,


    Small Businesses,

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    Video Chat,

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    Local Session,

    Video Call,

    Group Call,

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  • Additional Services:

    Corporate workshops, in-person and online workshop series, speaking engagements, Corporate Events, Health & Wellness

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