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Laurel Kinney

Austin, TX
Personal Stylist & Wardrobe Consultant

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Personal stylist, wardrobe consultant and founder of Laurel Kinney Personal Styling and online training course, The Style Shift Workshop. After 10 years as a social worker, I decided to combine my love of fashion and working with people to start a business to help men and women express their true selves through personal style. As a stylist, my approach is to always have the most fun possible while making my clients feel the best they can, and paying careful attention to the psychological aspects of dressing.

Types Of Clients: Business Leaders, business owners, creatives, and public figures.

Favorite Part About My Job: Getting to know so many interesting people on a very real level as we explore style together, plus the fact that every day is totally different than the one before it.

Steadfast Do's and Don'ts: Do's: Remain open to new ideas, style-related or otherwise. Invest in the highest-quality basics you can afford. If shopping is a struggle for you, shop mindfully & with a plan. Don'ts: Don't think that you always need to stick one specific style. Don't Buy anything without trying it on first. Don't play by every fashion "rule" you ever heard.

Most important qualities of a good leader: Listening with an open mind, empathy, and confidence.

My Advice for women starting their careers: Don't try to please everyone. If you become hyper-smart in one specific area that you're passionate about, you'll attract more of the kinds of clients you'll want to work with, and you'll establish yourself as an expert in your field more quickly.

Advice I wish I'd had (or had followed): Own the value you possess! It's easy to forget that when you're in the flow of work that comes easy to you, it's not the case for your clients, and has a high value to those who can't do what you do!

Quote I live By: "It doesn't hurt to try!"

  • Expertise:

    Professional Stylist,

  • Sessions Offered:

    Video Chat,

    Phone Call,

    Local Session,

    Video Call,

    Group Call,

    Local Group Session,

  • Additional Services:

    Closet Analysis, Sort, Shop, & Style, Workshops

  • Industry:

    Not Industry Specific,

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